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Welcome to the KGDB and kdb wiki, the official home of kgdb for

The aim is to merge kdb and kgdb together using the same debug core in the 2.6.34 kernel.


KGDB Mailing list


KGDB Mail archives

KGDB Development

The git branch is organized into the pieces that are not in the main line kernel. The top level link to the development git archive is here:

There is a branch head for each kernel release starting with 2.6.21. Starting in 2.6.24 the kgdb internals were completely changed. The kgdb core was merged to the mainline kernel in 2.6.26.

There is also a directory with a quilt series corresponding to the kgdb development git archive which is periodically updated. It can be found at:

KGDB kernel documentation (2.6.26 -> 2.6.33)

The new KDB and KGDB documentation

Linux Plumbers Conference presentation 2009

Merging KGDB KDB and Kernel Mode Setting

This presentation used kdb_prototype8 from the kgdb git repository. This was an intermediate build of the 2.6.32 development kernel however while the KMS core was in flux, so it is not terribly useful to anyone except as a demonstration.

The kdb_prototype9 branch was created after the KMS core changes stabilized and will form the basis for the cleanup and initial post to lkml.

The kdb_prototype10 branch will be the first posted to lkml since the initial RFC. Ideally this code base will get merged into the 2.6.34 kernel.

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